Washington D.C. Student Tours

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    DC is a city that makes history. Discover it yourself in classic sights like the National Archives and the National World War II Memorial. “Plug into the energy” of DC by touring the National Mall or the CSI Experience at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. The White House, the Capitol and the Washington Monument are “must sees.”

    Washington DC is an amazing experience for students of all ages, whether junior or senior class, grads or members of student bands. However, many of the sites have certain strict requirements in order to visit them. Straight A Tours is an expert in this. Don’t go alone — let us take care of all of the logistics of the city and make sure you get to see all of the fabulous sites that there are to see!

  • From student bands to senior class and graduation trips, find out what student travel packages are available in DC today, with Straight A Tours.

    Mt. Vernon

    Pay a visit to the plantation home of George Washington. The property consists of 500 acres and the main buildings, whose rooms have been mostly restored to the way they appeared when George and Martha Washington were in occupancy, are located near the riverfront of the Potomac River.

    National Zoo

    The National Zoological Park is one of the oldest zoos in the United States. As a part of the Smithsonian Institution, the National Zoo receives federal funding for operations and, thus, does not charge any admission fees. The Zoo features many exhibits with hundreds of species including the Giant Panda Habitat on the Asia Trail.

    Some of the top attractions and locations you can visit when booking an DC student travel trip include:

    Attraction Type Recommended Visit
    White House Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Capitol Tours Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Smithsonian Museums Education / Museum 4-8 hours
    Newsuem Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Crime Museum Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Illuminated Night Tours Outdoor / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Mt. Vernon Outdoor / Education 2-4 hours
    Arlington National Cemetary Outdoor / Education 2-4 hours
    Union Station Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Old Post Office Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Monuments Outdoor / Education 2-4 hours
    Lincoln Memorial Outdoor / Education 2-4 hours
    National Zoo Outdoor / Entertainment 4-8 hours
    Hard Rock Cafe Entertainment / Dinner 2-4 hours
    Spirit Dinner Cruise Entertainment / Dinner 2-4 hours