Disney Youth Education Series

    • Destination: Non-performing Groups

    Let Disney theme parks serve as a learning laboratory! The Disney Youth Education Series provide students—and their teachers—a hands-on, educational adventure.

    These guided field studies are accredited, standards-based and designed to reinforce your classroom lessons. Practice teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving as your group participates in one-of-a-kind learning moments using the magic of Disney.

  • These programs include guided, in-park educational field studies with courses in Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts and Leadership Development. Year-round educational opportunities are offered 7 days a week!

    These are available to elementary, middle, junior and senior high school students of all ages from around the world traveling in groups of 10 or more. More than 20 curriculum-based, academic journeys examine and explore the scientific, cultural, creative, and natural exhibits of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

    Specially trained Walt Disney World Resort facilitators use a captivating mixture of thought-provoking information, hands-on experiences, and fun to involve students in the learning process. The grade-level content and specially designed pre- and post-program materials make it easy for educators to incorporate Disney Y.E.S. programs into classroom lesson plans.  For a complete list of programs and in depth description, please contact us today!

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