New York City Student Tours

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    The Big Apple and home of Broadway!! Amazement abound at every corner in New York. From bustling taxis to the beauty of Central Park, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of taking in all of what New York has to offer to students and groups. The Statue of Liberty is just over the horizon and is one of the nation’s most famous landmarks. Take a cruise to get up close and personal? Enjoy the most beautiful view from atop Rockefeller Center at the Top of the Rock. Museums like the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Madame Tussauds wax museum are just a few of the wondrous varieties of educational and fun museums that will seemingly transport you to another place.

    Shopping? There is no better place. You name it, New York has it. And all seemingly in one location — the world-famous Times Square. Here you can shop, eat, take in a Broadway Show (or two) and enjoy all the diverse culture that the most spectacular city in the world has to offer!

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    St. John Divine Cathedral Performance

    The interior of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is larger than any of the European cathedrals and presents a high degree to natural acoustics, making it a major center for concert musical performances in New York City.

    Broadway Shows

    Broadway has 40 professional theatres with 500+ seats in the Theater District and Lincoln Center in New York City. Shows are typically held Tuesday through Saturday evenings and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

    Some of the top attractions and locations you can visit when booking an NYC student travel trip include:

    Attraction Type Recommended Visit
    Broadway Shows Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Broadway classroom workshops Education / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Empire State Building Outdoor / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Madame Tussaud Entertainment / Museum 2-4 hours
    Radio City Music Hall Education / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Lincoln Center Tours Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    NBC Studios Tour Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Rockerfeller Center Outdoor / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Puglia’s Authentic Italian Cuisine Dining 2-4 hours
    Ellen’s Stardust Diner Dining 2-4 hours
    9/11 Memorial Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Statue Cruises including Ellis and Liberty Island Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Intrepid Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Harbor Cruises Education / Museum 2-4 hours
    Hard Rock Cafe Dining 2-4 hours
    Planet Hollywood Dining 2-4 hours
    Grey Line Double Decker Tours Education / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    St. John Divine Catherdral Performance Education / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    South Street Seaport Outdoor / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    Brooklyn Bridge Outdoor / Entertainment 2-4 hours
    John’s Pizzeria Dining 2-4 hours
    MET Entertainment / Museum 2-4 hours