Looking to take a school trip, but need to have an educational aspect to make get the trip approved by the school? Look no further than Universal Studios’ educational programs! Universal, the world’s most technologically advanced theme park, has created many programs to make learning fun and exciting. Students have the opportunity to attend seminars with industry professionals, go behind the scenes to see how your favorite movies are brought to life, or attend first hand learning programs to learn about all of the aspects of running a successful theme park that you may never have thought of. They can even attend Performing Arts and Entertainment Workshops designed to reveal entertainment industry secrets in Audition Skills or Improvisation Techniques.
A crucial aspect of any attraction’s success is an effective marketing and sales campaign. Check out the Marketing and Sales First Hand Learning Program to learn, in detail, about the marketing tactics behind Universal’s massively successful Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Are roller coasters more your speed? Check out the Ride Design program to learn, in depth, about the application of science and physics to create an amazingly thrilling ride. Hear from the engineers at Universal about the skills they use, daily, to design attractions. This program allows students to check out some of the proprietary technologies that were used to make The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride so thrilling as well as see the technology behind how the Incredible Hulk Coaster is launched for that initial thrill.