Fly or sail out to the islands of Hawaii, America’s very own tropic state, for your next student travel trip. Plan your vacation out so that you can visit all of the beautiful and sunny sites in Hawaii, where students and teachers will unwind and have fun. After all of those essays and tests, isn’t it time to take a break in the sun?

Make time to visit as many of Hawaii’s islands as possible! For students who want to enjoy the outdoors, the Oahu Tour will be a beautiful walk in nature, Diamond Head Hiking will be excellent exercise in the great outdoors, and the snorkeling Catamaran Excursions will bring students to an underwater wonderland. For a real Hawaiian experience, enjoy Hawaii’s Luaus and stunning beaches. If Hawaii sounds like the place to be, book your student travel today!

For the best in high school graduation trips and student travel vacations, learn about the best student travel destinations in Hawaii today, with Straight A Tours.